Mediatonic is not a well-known developer and yet they managed to create one of the most popular and most played games to come out in 2020, Fall Guys is an arcade game that uses physics, puzzles, and random minigames in multiple rounds. Players are pitted against each other in a survival of the fittest style of gameplay to increase their portfolio of coins, skins, and of course the crown.


In order to win a crown players must make it through multiple rounds through which their opponents are kicked out as the game progresses, the more crowns you have on your account then the higher up the leaderboard you will go and you will become a more respectable player. This game is extremely simple in terms of its concept and the development of the individual mini-games, and yet it has proven to be such a huge success. Indeed game developer – Mediatonic has done a brilliant job at making this game success with millions of players all around the world competing against each other for the crown. The game’s simplicity and the fact that the rounds are done under a limited time frame could be what has made it so addictive, or it could just be the fact that this game is truly entertaining.



There are multiple randomly selected minigames within Fall Guys with some being very simple in terms of their concept, from obstacle courses to team matches there is a game style for everyone. Fall Guy’s obstacle course games have proven to be very popular, racing against other players to make the cut and get to the end of the minigame, with extra features like running from the rising slime level or jumping across moving platforms, one wrong move can prove to be disastrous.


As well as obstacle courses Fall Guys has implemented classic childhood style games such as tag within their creation, games where players must steal a tail from other gamers, and end the round with a tail have been noted as some of the most stressful. I feel that the most stressful games are in fact the ones that most people want to win and this is no exception as we can see millions of players constantly engrossed in this game and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in terms of popularity.


Future of the game?

The future of the game is incertain, we see so many new releases fizzle out after a few weeks if people become bored of playing, however, with so much early success Mediatonic would be stupid to not take advantage of how well-received their game has been and begin the production of game updates. Making regular updates within a game is a great way to encourage players to continue playing and the beauty of Fall Guys is that there is so much that could be done.


If you are someone who is struggling to get your first crown then don’t despair, as is the case for many successful games we have already seen the release of working cheats for fall guys. These cheats can help you get your first crown and get you up that leaderboard, although not everyone approves of using cheats, this method allows gamers to gain confidence and after seeing how it is done I’m sure you will be close to getting a crown based on your own skill. Games like these take practice so using cheats is a great way to get some points in the game early so that you can progress further without the stress.