If you’ve paid attention to many political discussions when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry or production industries, you have heard of hemp. If you have no idea, what hemp is you know it under its scientific name which everyone has heard of. While many people call it industrial hemp the reality is that most people know it under its name cannabis sativa cultivars. The plant that many people know solely as a smokable drug associated with stoner comedies and a sudden urge to stuff yourself with snacks Might surprise you with its large importance on the international scene when it comes to planned productions. So, let’s take a deeper look at the world of industrial hemp in trying to understand better why this plant is so desired all around the world.
It’s very important to understand that while yes industrial amp is derived from the cannabis plant it generally contains a lot less THC than other trends while also having a higher level of CBD or cannabidiol. What this means concretely is that generally all around the world many countries have legalized the production of industrial hemp while also maintaining a lot of their strict laws surrounding THC products and cannabis trends that contain a lot more of the psychoactive chemical. If you take a look at the percentages of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol present in industrial amp, likely, the amount of cannabidiol can likely neuter the possible high you would get from the small amount of THC present in its strand. Still, you might be wondering why many governments try to find ways to legalize it and what is so beneficial about industrial hemp.
Simply put hemp is an everything plant. What this means is that hemp is not only used as a food it can also be made into textile to make ropes or clothes or turned into oil in which you can find a lot of medical benefits. Some people have found a way to create biofuel out of hemp leaves and seeds while many scientific researchers have been trying to synthesize HAMP in plastic in a way to create biodegradable plastic which doesn’t leave as many damageable chemicals in nature once it is thrown out. Where to plant like this you might be wondering why we haven’t done anything with it as a society for such a long time. The reality of course is that many people wear both unaware of its benefits and apprehensive of its status as a restricted substance. This is why if you look at the history of legislation surrounding cannabis you might see that countries like the UK only legalized the use of cannabis as a medical product in 2018 while most cannabis-derived products remain illegal in considered a Class B drug in all the United Kingdom.
Still, the medical applications of cannabis products are very interesting especially when we look at how they can attenuate symptoms of chronic pain as well as anxiety. In countries with much more LAX legislation around cannabis like Canada and the United States, many doctors and clinics have started to prescribe cannabis products to deal with many medical issues. This is why nowadays when it comes to medical studies about cannabis many scientists find indica strains perfect for pain relief. This becomes increasingly true when compared to what’s available on the market and the risks associated with many pain relief prescriptions especially when it comes to opioids.
When we talk about the scientific research and the medical usage of hemp products one of the most popular ones of course is stress relief and anxiety listening prescriptions. Using hemp products as a way to deal with generalized anxiety or specific anxiety related to phobias like plane travel or boat travel the reality is that it has become a pretty normalized and well-understood potential treatment for those issues in countries like Canada. While only time will tell if other countries follow suit the reality is that it is very hard to argue with scientific data especially when it comes out that a lot of cannabis and hemp products have a lot of benefits for our general health. All we can hope for is that as hemp science becomes more mainstream we get more opportunities to benefit from the positive effects that HAMP can have on our lives in our society.