How to Ace Your LSAT Exams

If you are someone that has always dreamed of following a career in law, something that you have probably realized is that it is a lot harder than you probably first thought. You have to get a long list of qualifications before you can practice law and depending on where, ...

5 Philosophical Books to Read Before 30

Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures, reading brings joy to many people worldwide. It is something that helps to unite people and it is a great way to wind down and relax. When reading a novel you can lose yourself in the story and for a short period of, ...

It is well known how difficult it is to get into medicine or become a doctor, only the brightest and most driven students are accepted onto courses provided that they’ve excelled during all of their school years, after acceptance it gets even harder with 7 years of studying after high, ...

If you are currently going through the process of applying to colleges, you will be very familiar with the pressure that there is to make sure that your application stands out. Each college gets millions of applications every year and with so many people putting the work in, sometimes having, ...

Australia has come a long way in recent years. The image it presents to the rest of the world is a very mixed bag. A vast majority of people would associate Australia with its golden beaches, luscious reefs filled with vibrant life, and its collection of deadly spiders. Others would, ...

Everybody uses YouTube these days, no matter what age group you fall into, you have definitely taken advantage of the content that YouTube has to offer.  When YouTube first started it was mainly based around bedroom comedians making fun skits or makeup gurus teaching you how to apply the latest, ...

Studying medicine is one of the most worthwhile and noblest fields of study available to us. Medicine is about more than simply understanding the body and what drugs do what.

Student life is filled with many different positives and negatives. For some, the student life is the best time of their life, while studying is a slog. For others, the chance to broaden their educational horizons is a life-changing experience that promises to drive them forward in life. But student, ...

Education is the pillar our modern society is built upon. Without it, none of the advancements we take for granted would exist. We would not be where we are today as a species. But the system of education has been shifting and changing and growing for hundreds of thousands of, ...

If you identify as someone with an interest in the business world then a business marketing degree could be the one for you, studying a degree like business offers a unique opportunity to study something that offers transferable skills within the real world. What to expect from further education. Studying, ...

Revolut Revolut is a tech based company offering finance management services such as European bank accounts, MasterCard debit accounts, VISA debit card, exchange of currency and stock market trading. By offering such a large range of financial services this is easily a company to watch in terms of its impact, ...

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in law, a great education at the perfect school for you is vital That’s why it’s important to have a look at what schools are out there and to find what the best possible options are. Going to the best school is likely, ...

The United States is in a health crisis. Not only is their insurance-based health system cutting out people from getting the care they need, but their education of personal health, sexual health and nutritional health is beyond lacking. There are many reasons why the educational systems in American are failing., ...

Hemp Science: Unravelling The World's Most Popular Plant

If you’ve paid attention to many political discussions when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry or production industries, you have heard of hemp. If you have no idea, what hemp is you know it under its scientific name which everyone has heard of. While many people call it industrial hemp the reality is that most people know it under its name cannabis sativa cultivars. The plant that many people know solely as a smokable drug associated with stoner comedies and a sudden urge to stuff yourself with snacks Might surprise you with its large importance on the international scene when it comes to planned productions. So, let’s take a deeper look at the world of industrial hemp in trying to understand better why this plant is so desired all around the world.
It’s very important to understand that while yes industrial amp is derived from the cannabis plant it generally contains a lot less THC than other trends while also having a higher level of CBD or cannabidiol. What this means concretely is that generally all around the world many countries have legalized the production of industrial hemp while also maintaining a lot of their strict laws surrounding THC products and cannabis trends that contain a lot more of the psychoactive chemical. If you take a look at the percentages of cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol present in industrial amp, likely, the amount of cannabidiol can likely neuter the possible high you would get from the small amount of THC present in its strand. Still, you might be wondering why many governments try to find ways to legalize it and what is so beneficial about industrial hemp.
Simply put hemp is an everything plant. What this means is that hemp is not only used as a food it can also be made into textile to make ropes or clothes or turned into oil in which you can find a lot of medical benefits. Some people have found a way to create biofuel out of hemp leaves and seeds while many scientific researchers have been trying to synthesize HAMP in plastic in a way to create biodegradable plastic which doesn’t leave as many damageable chemicals in nature once it is thrown out. Where to plant like this you might be wondering why we haven’t done anything with it as a society for such a long time. The reality of course is that many people wear both unaware of its benefits and apprehensive of its status as a restricted substance. This is why if you look at the history of legislation surrounding cannabis you might see that countries like the UK only legalized the use of cannabis as a medical product in 2018 while most cannabis-derived products remain illegal in considered a Class B drug in all the United Kingdom.
Still, the medical applications of cannabis products are very interesting especially when we look at how they can attenuate symptoms of chronic pain as well as anxiety. In countries with much more LAX legislation around cannabis like Canada and the United States, many doctors and clinics have started to prescribe cannabis products to deal with many medical issues. This is why nowadays when it comes to medical studies about cannabis many scientists find indica strains perfect for pain relief. This becomes increasingly true when compared to what’s available on the market and the risks associated with many pain relief prescriptions especially when it comes to opioids.
When we talk about the scientific research and the medical usage of hemp products one of the most popular ones of course is stress relief and anxiety listening prescriptions. Using hemp products as a way to deal with generalized anxiety or specific anxiety related to phobias like plane travel or boat travel the reality is that it has become a pretty normalized and well-understood potential treatment for those issues in countries like Canada. While only time will tell if other countries follow suit the reality is that it is very hard to argue with scientific data especially when it comes out that a lot of cannabis and hemp products have a lot of benefits for our general health. All we can hope for is that as hemp science becomes more mainstream we get more opportunities to benefit from the positive effects that HAMP can have on our lives in our society.

Modern Africa: What Shapes The Great Continent

Africa is different from the rest of the world. It has unique and diverse cultures, an amazing environment, and huge economic potential. In fact, it is considered the next frontier in economic growth and driving climate change initiatives. Developed and developing nations have been increasing interest in investing in Africa, with governments executing partnerships.
The second largest continent, often referred to as the “Cradle of Humankind,” has evolved in social, political, and economic aspects, making it a potential power in the world economy. Hence, to understand modern Africa, one must trace its history, culture, politics, economy, and emerging trends.
This guide will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of what shapes the great continent of Africa today.

Historical Background

Africa was home to a wide range of civilizations and empires, which were somehow distributed by the coming of European colonizers. As early as the 19th century, European powers came to Africa, took over their ways of life and imposed new rules and order through colonization. The scramble for Africa, which led to the current boundaries, was driven by the desire for resources and strategic advantage.
Besides enacting Africa’s political boundaries, the colonials also changed economic ways of life and social structures. However, the impact wasn’t all positive, as it took the direction of exploitation and repression. The impact of this era still affects many African countries today and probably in the near future.
It was through movements led by key individuals such as Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana, Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya, and Nelson Mandela in South Africa that the nations gained back their self-rule. The independence brought hope for self-determination and development, leading to modern Africa’s political landscape with varying governance systems and political stability.
Years back and into the future, many African governments have realized the need for and importance of democratic systems with equal opportunities for all citizens. For instance, the Namibia government recently announced that it is set to revolutionize the Nampol recruitment process in an ambitious move towards fostering diversity and inclusivity.
Additionally, the leadership changes hands through regular elections and political participation. However, not all countries have followed this path, and some have experienced autocratic rule, which often leads to civil and political unrest.

Economic Growth and Development

Africa’s economy is driven by various sectors, with agriculture, tourism, and manufacturing taking the lead in wealth creation and development across the continent. The continent has adequate natural resources, including minerals, oil, and gas. Countries like Nigeria and Angola are major oil producers, while South Africa has many mineral deposits that boost economic growth.
Agriculture remains the backbone of most economies, employing a large population, especially in rural areas, and supplying raw materials to the local industries. The major agricultural exports include cocoa, coffee, and tea. Hence, governments are starting to finance and support the agricultural sector to increase productivity and sustainability and boost food security and gross domestic product.
Africa has not been left behind as the rest of the world grows its economy, rising on technological innovations. Many African countries are taking the lead in global investment and innovation. Kenya’s capital, for instance, has been cited as a leading technology hub with innovative ideas such as mobile money transfers, popularly known as M-Pesa, which has overtaken traditional banking systems in terms of transactions.
In a show of solidarity, like in Europe and other continents, the nations work together through regional integration. The economic blocks are meant to benefit from mutual trade agreements and address common challenges.
The African Union (AU) promotes political and economic unity across the continent. Its objective is to try to solve common issues affecting the continent, including conflict resolution and human rights.
Other regional blocks include the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which focuses on economic and political stability in West Africa, and the East African Community (EAC), which enhances cooperation and free trade within East African countries.


Africa’s future is brighter and full of potential, driven by its youthful and hardworking population, with an average age of around 19. This energetic population and increasing access to education and technology fuel innovation and entrepreneurship. It also has many untapped resources that other countries outside Africa have depleted, which are the main ingredients for industrialization.
To achieve sustainable development, the continent must balance its economic growth with environmental protection. Hence, pushing for a greener economy through environmental protection to curb climate change.
In addition, Africa has to build more and better partnerships and trade agreements with countries like China, India, and the United States to provide opportunities for investment, trade, and development.

How Lighting can Make or Break Your Home Office

How Lighting can Make or Break Your Home Office

In the last year or so, many of us were forced to leave the offices that we were used to and start working from home. For a lot of people, working from home was extremely frustrating, which meant that they were eager to return to work. However, for some people, working from home was a welcome relief from the usual 9-5 schedule that they were used to.

In the last few months, the Australian government have said that people can start to return to the office, which is great for those who have missed the working environment. However, many people are still not comfortable returning to work and have been given the chance to work from home.

If you are going to work from home for a long period, you must have a dedicated office set up. If you were to try and work from your bedroom, you may be tempted to spend your day lying in bed while you work. This is fine for an occasional treat, however continuing to do it could destroy your sleep schedule and impact your mental health.

Having a home office is very important and what is equally as important is ensuring that this office is suitable for working. Something that you may not realise is that the lighting in your office may be completely disturbing your working process, especially if you live in the denser parts of the city that has disrupted natural lighting.  Here is how lighting can make or break your home office.


You may be tempted to set up an office with cosy and low lighting, which may be aesthetically pleasing, but it will not help at all with your work. As people, we are easily influenced by our surroundings and if you have low lighting when you work, then it is likely that you will have low energy. After all, when we want to settle in for the evening, we usually turn off our main lighting and opt for something a bit cosier. For this reason, I recommend that you save the low lighting for the bedroom as you don’t need it when you are trying to work.


If you have ever been somewhere extremely bright, it is likely that you have encountered the headaches that you get as a product of this lighting. The last thing that you want is to be working through work and then experience a headache caused by the light. We recommend that you opt for more natural lighting as opposed to bright orange bulbs that can cause headaches. Unfortunately, some modern homes have lighting in the ceiling that is hard to replace and if you have this problem, be sure to get in touch with Wacomm.  Wacomm are commercial electricians in Perth AU that specialise in relinking your lights and even installing new lighting setups. If you are struggling with intense lighting in your office, they will be able to help you work It out and make it more fitting for your needs.

Utilise your windows

During the day it is unlikely that you will even need to use your main lighting system. I recommend that you make the most of the light that naturally streams in through your window, as this will keep your room well-lit and give your body some very valuable vitamin D. We recommend that you situate your desk next to your windows, as this means that you will be able to get the most light that you can and you can also offer your eyes some relief by taking the time to stare out of your window.

Should Gaming Be Embraced In Education

Should Gaming Be Embraced In Education

In the past, gaming was something that was exclusively reserved for nerdy boys. There was a stigma associated with gaming, due to misinformation and social bias towards those that do enjoy gaming.

A big reason that many people didn’t like gaming was because of how restrictive it was. Technology wasn’t at a place where developers could make anything more than a 2D game and most games on the market were aimed exclusively at boys, which left a lot of women feeling excluded from the world of gaming.

Times have changed and gaming is now something that can be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, more people than ever have picked up gaming as a hobby and it is now hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy gaming. A lot of people are also arguing that gaming is becoming such a big part of our culture that it should in fact be included in education. But should gaming be embraced by education and if so, why?

Helps Improve Maths Skills

Something that a lot of children out there struggle with is mathematics. It is an incredibly hard subject for some children to get a grip off, but it is a big decider in whether or not they are allowed to pursue further education or take on certain job roles.

Something that you may not know is that a lot of games actually improve your maths skills. There are a lot of games where you have to deal with an in-game currency and collect items. This is especially the case in building games such as Minecraft, as you need to collect materials and you have to count out what you need. Continuously playing these games can help children improve their ability to multiply and also remember numbers.

Job Opportunities

If you are someone that games, you may have seen that there are plenty of businesses out there offering to coach for particular games. There are a lot of people that offer coaching for the latest games, as there is now the opportunity to make some good money from your gaming skills.

If you are good at gaming, you can become a streamer or take part in E-Sports. This is now a very legitimate career path that you can take and because of this, it is argued that you should receive some form of training in schools to help improve your skills. During your time in education, you receive a lot of training for a long list of other occupations, and because gaming is such a popular career path at the moment it is argued that schools should assist in the pursuit.

There are some children that have legitimate talent in gaming, but it is never explored further and so they are never able to develop it and progress. There are children that could have a really successful career in gaming if given the opportunity to do so.

Team Building

A lot of the games that people play these days have online multiplayer. This means that people are able to play their games with their friends, which allows them to develop some teambuilding abilities and it also teaches them how they can communicate with their peers.

Gaming is especially great for people that are usually quite shy. It can be hard for shy people to communicate with people that they do not necessarily know and a lot of shy people can go through school without really talking to their peers.

People that are shy find it much easier to communicate in games and so it gives them the opportunity to reach out and make friends with people that they may not have talked to previously.

The Universities with the Best Business Studies Programs

Getting a degree in business is a great choice to make if you are someone with a business passion and if you would like to pursue this strong career path in the future. With so many different courses and universities around the world all offering great courses it can be hard to choose where you want to study in this huge portion of your life. The fact that this course is so universally recognized means that there are some pretty great qualifications available no matter where you study. This also frees up the number of choices you have and means that you can place more importance on choosing a location that suits you rather than being forced to go somewhere based on the credibility of their course.

No matter where you choose to study there are some key things to look out for to signify that the course is given to a good standard, you should be mindful of courses that lack official recognition as many courses will not be afraid to tell you if they have received awards for their teaching quality. A course that lacks official accolades isn’t necessarily bad, but when so many courses are held in such high esteem, it could be an indicator that the business course would be better elsewhere.


The university standard at Liverpool is excellent and the business studies course is no exception to this with their highly commended teaching quality and extended course options to take your business degree further. There is a variety of teaching styles on offer in Liverpool with courses offering placement and work experience opportunities to give students a strong idea of what it will be like to work in the business industry. At LJMU you will be encouraged to follow your own business ideas as well as working on many different aspects of the business world. This course will give you all of the necessary skills to further a career in business and the fact that Liverpool is a very entrepreneurial location helps significantly.


Salford is usually known for its media and film courses as it is set in the heart of the media city where many top broadcasters film and record their official content. This doesn’t mean that the business courses on offer here should be dismissed and with their high-quality teaching standard, Salford university is definitely one to consider. You will learn specialized business knowledge such as managing finances and how an exclusive leads agency sells mortgage leads and live transfers. With that knowledge and Salford Uni’s expert careers advice center you should be able to find yourself a high standing job pretty easily, which I’m sure we will all agree is a positive thing.


A huge selling point of going to uni in Manchester to do a business degree would have to be the vast amount of career opportunities and the opportunity to do some high quality work experience whilst you study. Manchester is a very student-friendly city with many social events designed to encourage students to interact, you can make some friends for life here whilst you are studying for your business degree. Within business, it is all about making strong contacts so having the chance to meet people in the business sector that could go on to help you in your future career could be a huge positive in favor of you studying here.


The final university on this list which offers a great business studies program is actually based in the US, Stanford University is one of the most prestigious American universities so if you have the opportunity to go here then I would urge you to really think about it. Depending on your home location you may have to travel in order to study at Stanford so this could be a very big decision to make. The student orientated way of life and the strong presence of academic success would all be strong factors in favor of traveling in order to secure an education at Stanford.

Overall when it comes to choosing the right business studies program for you you should take all aspects of university education into consideration, many people choose to study at a certain place based on the quality of the course alone and others prefer to choose a city that they could see themselves living in as well as studying. It is vital that you think about the city as well as the course quality as you are going to have to live there for a significant amount of time. Your mental health can seriously be affected by your chosen city and although the course is just as important where you live can affect your entire future and if you are lucky you will fall in love with your chosen city and stay there throughout your life.

How One Indie Company Created the Greatest Game of 2020

Mediatonic is not a well-known developer and yet they managed to create one of the most popular and most played games to come out in 2020, Fall Guys is an arcade game that uses physics, puzzles, and random minigames in multiple rounds. Players are pitted against each other in a survival of the fittest style of gameplay to increase their portfolio of coins, skins, and of course the crown.


In order to win a crown players must make it through multiple rounds through which their opponents are kicked out as the game progresses, the more crowns you have on your account then the higher up the leaderboard you will go and you will become a more respectable player. This game is extremely simple in terms of its concept and the development of the individual mini-games, and yet it has proven to be such a huge success. Indeed game developer – Mediatonic has done a brilliant job at making this game success with millions of players all around the world competing against each other for the crown. The game’s simplicity and the fact that the rounds are done under a limited time frame could be what has made it so addictive, or it could just be the fact that this game is truly entertaining.



There are multiple randomly selected minigames within Fall Guys with some being very simple in terms of their concept, from obstacle courses to team matches there is a game style for everyone. Fall Guy’s obstacle course games have proven to be very popular, racing against other players to make the cut and get to the end of the minigame, with extra features like running from the rising slime level or jumping across moving platforms, one wrong move can prove to be disastrous.


As well as obstacle courses Fall Guys has implemented classic childhood style games such as tag within their creation, games where players must steal a tail from other gamers, and end the round with a tail have been noted as some of the most stressful. I feel that the most stressful games are in fact the ones that most people want to win and this is no exception as we can see millions of players constantly engrossed in this game and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in terms of popularity.


Future of the game?

The future of the game is incertain, we see so many new releases fizzle out after a few weeks if people become bored of playing, however, with so much early success Mediatonic would be stupid to not take advantage of how well-received their game has been and begin the production of game updates. Making regular updates within a game is a great way to encourage players to continue playing and the beauty of Fall Guys is that there is so much that could be done.


If you are someone who is struggling to get your first crown then don’t despair, as is the case for many successful games we have already seen the release of working cheats for fall guys. These cheats can help you get your first crown and get you up that leaderboard, although not everyone approves of using cheats, this method allows gamers to gain confidence and after seeing how it is done I’m sure you will be close to getting a crown based on your own skill. Games like these take practice so using cheats is a great way to get some points in the game early so that you can progress further without the stress.

How to Ace Your LSAT Exams

If you are someone that has always dreamed of following a career in law, something that you have probably realized is that it is a lot harder than you probably first thought. You have to get a long list of qualifications before you can practice law and depending on where you live, it is likely that you also need to attend law school.

Law school is an educational institute that focuses wholly on the study of law. Though you can study law in other institutes, they do not offer an in-depth education like law school. If you really want a successful career in law, then you will need to try and get into law school. Unfortunately, they don’t just let anyone into law school and to get in you need to take an exam called the LSAT.

The LSAT exams are known for being incredibly difficult and very few people get into law school. If you have your LSATs coming up, then it is likely you are worried about failing and not getting in. Here is our advice on how to ace your LSAT exams.

Get a Tutor

If you are really not sure what to expect from your upcoming exams, then I would recommend that you get a tutor that can prepare you for the exams. There are thousands of people out there that have taken and successfully passed that are ready to share their experience and help others pass.

There are people that are currently in law school that need to make some extra cash to pay for tuition and their other fees. These people offer tutoring at a more than reasonable cost and an LSAT tutor can really help prepare you for what is to come.

If you are stuck with a certain sector of law, then they will answer any questions that you have and they will give you as much guidance as you need. A lot of the time, these tutors also keep notes from when they first studied. They are more than happy to share these notes with you or allow you to make copies. This means that you can get some in-depth notes to study that you may not have thought of writing yourself, which is bound to give you the upper hand when it comes to completing your examinations.

Watch Online Tutorials

Something that you can do when you are on a budget is watch online tutorials to help with your studies. Thanks to streaming sites such as Youtube, there are plenty of platforms where people can share their expertise in certain areas.

These experts love to share their knowledge with those who need it and now Youtube has become an incredibly accessible learning resource. A lot of the people that have taken the same exam as you have taken to the internet to share their experience.
A lot of these people not only create videos about the categories that they cover when you are studying law but some of the Youtubers also go over the exact questions that they were asked on their own exam.

Practice Exam Papers

Another great way to prepare for your upcoming exam is by doing practice exam papers. You can usually find examples of past exam papers online and they are very easy to just print out. If you really want to get the most out of your practice exam papers, I would recommend that you take them under the same time constraints that you would expect from your exam. This will give you the best idea of what your actual exam will be like, which means that you will be ready when it comes to the real ones.

5 Philosophical Books to Read Before 30

Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures, reading brings joy to many people worldwide. It is something that helps to unite people and it is a great way to wind down and relax. When reading a novel you can lose yourself in the story and for a short period of time you don’t have to worry about your own responsibilities. Non-fiction books are also fantastic as they’re a great way to improve your general knowledge or to learn about a subject that you’re interested in. There are non-fiction books written about every topic from politics to biology, so whatever it is that you’re interested in there will be the perfect book out there for you. If you’re a big lover of books then in recent years more and more people have started to join book groups where you can socialize and discuss the book that you’re currently reading. A popular book genre is philosophy books, many people in their 20’s are starting to feel stressed about their future and philosophical books can be a great help to find your feet, these books are filled with knowledge and inspirational quotes, these quotes about life can be a great help to help you figure out your own life. We’ve found the best 5 philosophical books for you to read before you turn 30.

  • Adulthood is a Myth

This is a fantastic book written by Sarah Andersen, it is a must-read for anyone in their 20’s as the narrative in society is that in your 20’s you should have an idea of your future and be ready for adult life. This book challenges that narrative and helps people to realize that most people don’t have it figured out and a lot of adults who seem like they have it all together are just making it up as they go along.

  • Between the World and Me

This is an insightful book written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, whilst you’re young it’s fine to be oblivious to the things going on in the world around you but as you get older you have a responsibility to get involved but it can be had to figure out where to start. This book helps young people to realize what it means to be an active citizen and helps people to realize the importance of voting and holding the government to account.

  • A Little Life

This book is written by Hanya Yanagihara and it is a must read for anyone who has recently graduated from college. Post college life can feel lonely and confusing, it is a time when everyone needs to receive a little empathy. This book really delves into the importance of empathy and has some great life lessons in it about why you should always go out of your way to be kind as you don’t know what other people are struggling with.

  • Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life

This book was written by Henry Cloud and John Townsend and is a fantastic self-help book. When people are young, they always say yes and it can be hard to go from this to being able to say no. As you enter adulthood you have more responsibilities and if you continue to say yes to everything it is likely that you’ll burn out. Setting boundaries is an important thing to learn in your 20’s as if you don’t learn how to say no it will likely lead to emotional of physical stress during your adult life.

  • Letters From a Stoic

The collection of letters in this book were written by Seneca and they are filled with timeless wisdom. If you’re wanting to become a well-rounded adult then during your 20’s you should definitely give these a read. These letters deal with many of the common problems people still face in adulthood today from poverty to grief. His philosophy is very practical, after reading these you’ll be equipped to deal with any situation that life adult life throws at you and you’ll also be much better at communicating with other people which is an important life skill.

Everybody uses YouTube these days, no matter what age group you fall into, you have definitely taken advantage of the content that YouTube has to offer.  When YouTube first started it was mainly based around bedroom comedians making fun skits or makeup gurus teaching you how to apply the latest product. As time has gone on, YouTube has become a platform that offers employability and so many people have been taking to the platform to share their passions and knowledge. Because of this, youtube unexpectedly became a haven of learning and teaching new things and completely changed the world of education.



You can learn just about anything on YouTube and this is why it has become such an important educational tool. Are you struggling with school work and not quite understanding that new maths homework? Look it up on YouTube and you will have millions of videos show up that explains how to complete that pesky equation. A lot of teachers are also taking to youtube as a means of reaching out to their students, not everyone can learn easily in a school environment and so having these videos give people an opportunity to watch and rewatch until they understand how to do something.


It’s not just education at a juvenile level that YouTube has to offer. Because there are so many people on the platform sharing their hobbies and passions, you can learn to do just about everything. For example, gone are the days of having to call a plumber in to fix a small problem, you can simply look It up and youtube and find ways to fix any little issue you may have, for free.


Social Education

Not only does youtube give you the opportunity to learn new and potentially valuable life skills, but it also offers an education on the world around you. Social media has been connecting people all around the world for years now and youtube is no exception to this, youtube allows us to learn what is happening on the other side of the world and with this new information, we are able to make active differences. For example, youtube premiers all news channels from every country and so we are no longer limited to what we see in our local area, we can learn about what is happening everywhere in the world and gauge a deeper understanding of all cultures and all pressing issues that are currently occurring.


Due to its wide reach, it would be understandable if you would want to start your own channel and teach people about a subject that you care about. However, in such a competitive market it may seem discouraging to start a channel due to a lack of views. That’s not an issue as companies like are known to provide YouTube views in order to improve their reach. This is something that many content creators use and allows you to get your content a bigger audience, so why not create an account and see what you could teach someone today?

Studying medicine is one of the most worthwhile and noblest fields of study available to us. Medicine is about more than simply understanding the body and what drugs do what. It is about making an oath to do no harm. To help those in need and strive to make the world better than you found it.

But platitudes aside, studying medicine is tough for several reasons. Firstly, it requires mental fortitude and resilience not required in a lot of other fields. You cannot make mistakes in medicine as it may cost someone their life. Those studying it need to be absolute in their studying and take everything seriously.

Secondly, there is just so much of it. That is why no one studies every aspect of medicine. People specialize. It is why surgeons don’t often spend a lot of time diagnosing. It is why nurses don’t perform open-heart surgery. It is why oncologists don’t get called in for dental issues. People have to specialize. The phrase ‘Jack of All but master of none’ springs to mind.

And this is the first hurdle any budding medical applicant faces. What do I study? What field of medicine is right for me? And it is a daunting choice. So we are going to look at a few different fields of the medical field and highlight their challenges and what sort of person is best suited for them.


You must be curious. How is marketing a medical field? And it isn’t. Not really. But is it important? Absolutely. The world of marketing is about more than simply selling products. It is about providing information. And when it comes to health, wellbeing, and medicine, incorrect information is deadly. That is why the medical field needs people who are trained and educated in the medical field to step into the world of marketing. They need experts to advise them. A great example of this is medical spas, a new powerhouse in the private medical sector. Companies like practicebloom offer medical spa marketing services but to do this properly they need medical experts to advise them, otherwise, people could get hurt.

The upside to this is you won’t be interacting with patients, rather dealing with the medical profession and other business entities. So anyone who is looking to step into this field needs to be confident, reliable, and able to navigate the often-cut-throat world of business.


Oncology is one of the most respected, and difficult fields of medicine to deal with emotionally. Oncology is the study of, diagnosis of and treatment of cancer. Cancer is one of the evillest and heart-breaking illnesses mankind has ever faced. It endlessly takes people away from their loved ones. This is why this field of medicine requires someone with strong mental fortitude and emotional balance. Giving bad news is part of being a doctor, but in the field of oncology, most of the news is bad.

The medicine itself is complex, yet very well understood. Research into cancer has been intense for countless years and, as such, we have a well-documented and strong understand of cancer and how it works. Most of your time will be spent either administering cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, diagnosing people, or simply talking to your patients. Being an oncologist requires you to be a therapist as well. You need to be warm, comforting, and reassuring, while always remaining firm.


Radiology is a different field of medicine. It is centered around using imaging devices to scan patients’ bodies and examine inside of them, without ever cutting them open. You might think anyone can do this, but the devices that radiologists use don’t simply create crystal clear pictures. The images are difficult to interpret and require extensive training. A mistake in reading an image could lead to serious consequences. People who move into radiology often are more concerned with solving puzzles and using tech, rather than directly dealing with patients.


Known as Sawbones, surgeons are responsible for carrying out the complex operations that can save lives. The human body is a well-evolved machine, but it is packed tight. And opening it up can be dangerous. That is why surgery is one of the most intense, complex, and rigorously trained fields of medicine. One slip while someone is cut open and it could mean death. Only those with a steady hand and a firm constitution should take up this practice. Surgery is not quick either. Some big surgeries can last anywhere from 7 hours to multiple days. For those that do dive into this field, it is very rewarding. Surgery can change people’s lives and give them a second chance they never thought they would get.

The English language is an extremely popular language that can be found in a large amount of different regions around the world. As so many of us are choosing English over other languages as our first language I would say that it is an extremely important language to learn, in terms of its usefulness learning another language alone is a great skill that improves employability and should you not already know the language it is a great tool to have under your belt. For those of you that are not as familiar with the English language there are a variety of reasons why it is so important that you put effort into mastering it such as :


  • Knowing multiple languages improves employability and having a mastery over English can mean you have quality customer service skills as you are able to communicate effectively.
  • It can open a lot of new avenues in terms of travel, because English is such a widely spoken language you don’t have to worry about that pesky language barrier because so many places have a population that speak majority English and for those that don’t it shouldn’t be too hard to find those who speak English whether it be shops bars or restaurants or even through other tourists.
  • For those that live in majority English speaking places it can really affect your sense of community if you are unable to properly communicate with your neighbors, taking the time to learn the language of the place you are living in can really improve your lifestyle as it gives you the ability to socialize and make friends.
  • Another great reason to master English would be that it is a great way of boosting cognitive function, by taking on the mammoth task of learning a new language you are essentially boosting your knowledge due to how much time, commitment and concentration it takes to learn a new language.


There are a variety of things that you can do to begin to learn English in a way that suits your capabilities and lifestyle , for example :


  • Attending classes – by attending classes you are able to experience a hands on approach to learning a new language and learn amongst people that are in the same situation that you are. Learning amongst like minded individuals is a great way to keep the process relaxed and remove any embarrassment you may feel about the subject as everybody is in the same boat and going through the monumental task of learning English.
  • Watching TV – watching TV with the subtitles on is a great way to expand your vocabulary and get a feel for how different words are used in conversation and how they sound. With accompanying subtitles it is easy to learn the spelling of different words whilst also hearing them on the TV making for extremely efficient vocabulary expansion.
  • Playing games – with the wide variety of word based games that are currently available for purchase there is absolutely no reason why learning English cannot be fun. Learning a new language whilst having fun can help to take away from the serious nature of the task and there are some great ones out there such as scrabble and Unjumble Words. These games are a great way to get your family involved with your progress whilst being extremely educational, these games tend to challenge you to make words out of a selection of given letters, encouraging you to learn in this way means that you are totally reliant on your own knowledge making it a great way to expand your vocabulary.

For me the most important step when it comes to homeschooling your children would be making sure that as a parent you are ready to take on the burden of becoming a teacher, it is a hard task and unless you are both mentally and physically capable of being responsible for your child’s education then I would advise you re think. Done properly educating your child at home can be an incredibly rewarding experience as you are able to see firsthand when your child meets those all important milestones.

Another important factor when it comes to homeschooling your child is that you have an appropriate environment to teach, this is important as it is vital for there to be a clear distinction between the home environment and the school environment.

Without these strict boundaries in place you may find it difficult for your child to be productive as it can be hard for the home to change from a safe and fun place to place where they are required to sit down and learn. Something else to consider would be the physical materials that you need to be able to teach effectively, it’s not enough to just have a pen and paper, for all the different subjects different learning materials will be required and some may argue that the more creative learning methods are the most effective.

A final thing to consider when educating your child at home is that it is vital that a routine is established as quickly as possible. Creating a solid routine that is as close to the normal school

timetable is an important factor in encouraging your child to be as productive as possible It is also important that on a day to day basis the schedule is adhered to, just because your homeschooling a good structure is vital.