Which Universities Have the Best Mathematics Programmes?

Mathematics is the language of our understanding. Everything we have learnt about the universe and our physical reality can be explained through the language of numbers. And not just that, in our day to day lives maths is a useful tool that governs our economy, our construction of cities and how we approach complex problems. For those interested in studying maths, you will want a university with a top-notch program for it. One word of advice, unless you’ve won the lottery or got lucky on some inheritance, these universities will be a bit pricier than most.


The top of the top. Harvard is renown the world over for their incredible classes, fine pedigree and honoured traditions. And their maths department does not fall short of this reputation. It has produced some of the greatest mathematicians and produces constantly high-end academicals research in the field. If you have the money to spare, a course here will change your life forever.

Vietnam National University

Based in Hanoi, the national Vietnamese university is a powerhouse of both research and education. People flock the world over to Hanoi to study under its incredible lecturers and make use of their fantastic facilities. While it might not always get referenced when people discuss the top universities, but this institution would rather let its results and incredible programming speak for itself.


Another classic university lorded for their stellar educational programs. Oxford leans heavier into its classic traditions and beautiful architecture. But looks alone are not all it has to offer. It constantly ranks among the top universities, particularly for its math-based programming. Physics, maths, economics. All of these fields are handled with the utmost professionalism and produce stellar results time after time.

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