Getting a degree in business is a great choice to make if you are someone with a business passion and if you would like to pursue this strong career path in the future. With so many different courses and universities around the world all offering great courses it can be hard to choose where you want to study in this huge portion of your life. The fact that this course is so universally recognized means that there are some pretty great qualifications available no matter where you study. This also frees up the number of choices you have and means that you can place more importance on choosing a location that suits you rather than being forced to go somewhere based on the credibility of their course.

No matter where you choose to study there are some key things to look out for to signify that the course is given to a good standard, you should be mindful of courses that lack official recognition as many courses will not be afraid to tell you if they have received awards for their teaching quality. A course that lacks official accolades isn’t necessarily bad, but when so many courses are held in such high esteem, it could be an indicator that the business course would be better elsewhere.


The university standard at Liverpool is excellent and the business studies course is no exception to this with their highly commended teaching quality and extended course options to take your business degree further. There is a variety of teaching styles on offer in Liverpool with courses offering placement and work experience opportunities to give students a strong idea of what it will be like to work in the business industry. At LJMU you will be encouraged to follow your own business ideas as well as working on many different aspects of the business world. This course will give you all of the necessary skills to further a career in business and the fact that Liverpool is a very entrepreneurial location helps significantly.


Salford is usually known for its media and film courses as it is set in the heart of the media city where many top broadcasters film and record their official content. This doesn’t mean that the business courses on offer here should be dismissed and with their high-quality teaching standard, Salford university is definitely one to consider. You will learn specialized business knowledge such as managing finances and how an exclusive leads agency sells mortgage leads and live transfers. With that knowledge and Salford Uni’s expert careers advice center you should be able to find yourself a high standing job pretty easily, which I’m sure we will all agree is a positive thing.


A huge selling point of going to uni in Manchester to do a business degree would have to be the vast amount of career opportunities and the opportunity to do some high quality work experience whilst you study. Manchester is a very student-friendly city with many social events designed to encourage students to interact, you can make some friends for life here whilst you are studying for your business degree. Within business, it is all about making strong contacts so having the chance to meet people in the business sector that could go on to help you in your future career could be a huge positive in favor of you studying here.


The final university on this list which offers a great business studies program is actually based in the US, Stanford University is one of the most prestigious American universities so if you have the opportunity to go here then I would urge you to really think about it. Depending on your home location you may have to travel in order to study at Stanford so this could be a very big decision to make. The student orientated way of life and the strong presence of academic success would all be strong factors in favor of traveling in order to secure an education at Stanford.

Overall when it comes to choosing the right business studies program for you you should take all aspects of university education into consideration, many people choose to study at a certain place based on the quality of the course alone and others prefer to choose a city that they could see themselves living in as well as studying. It is vital that you think about the city as well as the course quality as you are going to have to live there for a significant amount of time. Your mental health can seriously be affected by your chosen city and although the course is just as important where you live can affect your entire future and if you are lucky you will fall in love with your chosen city and stay there throughout your life.