The Best Horology Degrees from Around the World

Studying horology refers to ideas around the concept of time and how we measure it. It also involves looking at how clocks are made and the different types of clocks that are out there. Every budding horologist knows the importance of a high-quality watch, it can be hard to know which brand to trust in terms of reliability and overall watch aesthetic. Watches at galle are great for those who want a stylish yet durable piece. Now that you’ve found yourself a lovely watch, it is time to think about where you want to study, this course is available at a range of great institutions but here are our top three to help decide where you want to go.

Birmingham City University.

Birmingham offers horology as a three-year course where students are required to look at how clocks have changed over time, looking at their materials, functions and how watches may have become more of a fashion item rather than for the original uses. Over three years of study students will work with professionals in the industry to ensure the very best education.


The British School of Watchmaking.

For those of you worried about going to university because you are looking for a more specific teaching style then the British School of Watchmaking may be the one for you. This independent institute focuses solely on the study of horology so you get the very best education from experts, whilst learning alongside like-minded students.


West Dean College of Arts.

The West Dean College of Arts is another great option, with a more practical style to teaching the learning experience will be more of a unique experience. Students are expected to do tasks like building watches from scratch where you will be marked on the individuality of the watch design. For those of you with a great interest in watches and how they are made, this would be a great course for you.

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