Should Gaming Be Embraced In Education

In the past, gaming was something that was exclusively reserved for nerdy boys. There was a stigma associated with gaming, due to misinformation and social bias towards those that do enjoy gaming.

A big reason that many people didn’t like gaming was because of how restrictive it was. Technology wasn’t at a place where developers could make anything more than a 2D game and most games on the market were aimed exclusively at boys, which left a lot of women feeling excluded from the world of gaming.

Times have changed and gaming is now something that can be enjoyed by everyone. In fact, more people than ever have picked up gaming as a hobby and it is now hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy gaming. A lot of people are also arguing that gaming is becoming such a big part of our culture that it should in fact be included in education. But should gaming be embraced by education and if so, why?

Helps Improve Maths Skills

Something that a lot of children out there struggle with is mathematics. It is an incredibly hard subject for some children to get a grip off, but it is a big decider in whether or not they are allowed to pursue further education or take on certain job roles.

Something that you may not know is that a lot of games actually improve your maths skills. There are a lot of games where you have to deal with an in-game currency and collect items. This is especially the case in building games such as Minecraft, as you need to collect materials and you have to count out what you need. Continuously playing these games can help children improve their ability to multiply and also remember numbers.

Job Opportunities

If you are someone that games, you may have seen that there are plenty of businesses out there offering to coach for particular games. There are a lot of people that offer coaching for the latest games, as there is now the opportunity to make some good money from your gaming skills.

If you are good at gaming, you can become a streamer or take part in E-Sports. This is now a very legitimate career path that you can take and because of this, it is argued that you should receive some form of training in schools to help improve your skills. During your time in education, you receive a lot of training for a long list of other occupations, and because gaming is such a popular career path at the moment it is argued that schools should assist in the pursuit.

There are some children that have legitimate talent in gaming, but it is never explored further and so they are never able to develop it and progress. There are children that could have a really successful career in gaming if given the opportunity to do so.

Team Building

A lot of the games that people play these days have online multiplayer. This means that people are able to play their games with their friends, which allows them to develop some teambuilding abilities and it also teaches them how they can communicate with their peers.

Gaming is especially great for people that are usually quite shy. It can be hard for shy people to communicate with people that they do not necessarily know and a lot of shy people can go through school without really talking to their peers.

People that are shy find it much easier to communicate in games and so it gives them the opportunity to reach out and make friends with people that they may not have talked to previously.